This natural looking tan takes less than 15 minutes to apply and lasts from 5-7 days. We have 2 hour rapid and 6-8 hour developers.




Sun FX is the world’s No. 1 professional tanning system.

For best results before your tan:
  • It is best to wax or shave 24-48 hours before your spray.
  • If washing your hair do so after your tan when you shower.
  • Exfoliate entire body using exfoliating mitt or loofah, do not use products that contain moisturisers, essential oils or Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Pay particular attention to areas with dry skin eg. Elbows and knees, ensure that underarms are thoroughly exfoliated to remove deodorant
  • Do not apply moisturiser, deodorant, perfume or make-up the day of tanning.
  • Wear loose, dark clothing, do not wear enclosed footwear
Tanning Services  
Full Body $40
With Exfoliation $78
Half Body $28
10 Visits (Full Body) $350

After Your Tan:

  • Shower after 6 – 12 hours (or 2 hours for the rapid developer), pat dry do not rub vigorously
  • Apply moisturiser morning and evening (do not use a T-Tree based product or Alpha Hydroxy Acids as this will accelerate exfoliation and fade your tan)
  • Avoid taking long hot baths, swimming or spas as this will accelerate the exfoliation and fade your tan
  • Do not exercise on the day of your tan