Hydrating Masque

Works with the skins water levels to calm inflammation and plump up skin through restoring hydration, revising wrinkles and fine lines for a bouncy youthful complexion.



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Formulated to help prevent premature ageing and to hydrate dry skin, Hydrating Masque helping to increase the skin’s vital free water levels. It provides supreme hydration through revision of the interstitial liquid (the liquid between the tissue) in the epidermis. This is great for skin prone to irritation and sensitivity, which research has shown to be common symptoms of transeipdermal water loss. As the skin’s water levels improve Hydrating Masque also encourages the growth of firmer and more youthful looking skin.

*DMK products are only available to clients currently on a home prescription, having DMK salon treatments or after a skin consultation by a DMK skin therapist

*Prices only available through the salon