DMK is a scientifically proven paramedical range using only the purest form of botanicals to treat and maintain your skin, offering profound long term results that work with the skin rather than acting upon it. REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN is the DMK concept and the essence of beautiful and radiant skin for both men and women. DMK treatments are tailored to your individual needs with visible results after the first treatment and not tested on animals. Please discuss with one of our therapists how we can help design a treatment plan to suit you.

Skin Analysis and Recommendations  $60

An in depth conversation with one of our therapists. We will go through treatment plans, home prescriptive and explain what is happening with your skin (receive 25% off first treatment or purchase 2 Enzymes and get 1 free)

Transdermal Nutrition Treatment approx 60 mins  $130

A targeted relaxation style facial using DMK professional products


Alkaline Wash Treatments from$40

Alkaline Wash is a unique DMK formulation that utilises an alkaline solution. The wash swells, softens and dissolves tissue and hair. This treatment can be used for hair removal, as well as skin resurfacing treatments to target pigmentation, aging and acne. Treatments can be performed with little or no skin reaction.


Enzyme Therapy Facial

This signature treatment from DMK – Enqyme Theratpy targets the function of the skin and begins to correct any issues that may be occuring. This treatment is perfect for all skin types and conditions, and can be used to correct aging, tired and sagging skin, acne, rosacea, scarring, open pores and a general lack-lustre appearance.

Enzyme without Exfoliation approx 90mins  from $180

Enzyme with one pre-treatment Exfoliation approx 110 mins from $220

Enzyme with two pre-treatment Exfoliation approx 120 mins from $280


Ask our therapists about peels. Prices available upon request.

DMK treatments are tailored to your individual needs with visible results after the first treatment. Please discuss with one of our therapists how we can help design a treatment plan to suit you.


These aromatic skin care experiences are created fresh in Australia using sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients. Skin Juice products are made without compromise and fulfil three essential requirements, which are safety, purity and effectiveness, when designing the unique and innovative formulations.

All free from artificial sweeteners and packed with 100% nourishing organic goodness and not tested on animals!

Quench your skin’s thirst with a powerful burst of skin loving plant nutrients. Scrumptious spreads and tasty toppings will be selected to balance the skin and target individual skin concerns, whilst an aromatic sensory experience will relax the mind and body to complete the juicy experience.

Juice Shot Facial 30min  $65

A quick pick me up for any skin type.

Juice Break 45min  $95

A refreshing and hydrating experience. Step out of the action and give your skin what it’s craving.

Soothe and strengthen? Bounce and brilliance? Clarify and balance? During your Juice Break, let’s find the juice exfoliating peel that’s going to refresh and awaken your skin. We’ll quench your thirst with a zesty hydration hit, nourish your skin with fruitful nutrients and satisfy your senses with a hearty helping of vitality. Delicious.

Scrumptious Skin 60min  $135

The ultimate Skin Juice experience. For those who embrace a delectable experience.

Ignite your senses with this release from the ordinary. Your Juicy Mixologist will cater to your skin’s needs with an enticing juicy facial feast and massage designed to boost and balance. Incorporating seven courses to refresh, soothe, enliven and delight. But don’t forget to enjoy the ambience. Revel in the aromatic storyline of your treatment, designed to ground you, unwind you and energise you.

Pregnancy Glow Facial 60 min $135

A pregnancy safe peel will help treat common pregnancy skin concerns such as pigmentation, sensitivity, breakouts and dehydration. A freshly blended mask is then applied to nurture your skin and leave it renewed, glowing and as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin.


Mummy’s Tummy (Belly) Facial 30 min $65

Comfort irritated, dry and stretching skin with this nourishing moisture treatment for the tummy.  A gentle massage and hydration hit to help keep the skin supple and help prevent stretch marks.

Suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin.


Using the natural healing powers of diamond crystals, water and oxygen, this latest skincare technology gives skin a deep exfoliation generating hydrated, healthier looking skin. This treatment can help with deep exfoliation; reducing fine lines; wrinkles and puffy eyes; improving tone and texture; and improving skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation and blackheads.

Add on a Hydrodermabrasion to any other facial treatment for $60


LED Light Therapy 30 min $60

LED Light Therapy works similarly to the process of photosynthesis in plants, using light energy to stimulate the body’s regenerative metabolic processes at a a cellular level. LED Light Therapy works to nourish cells and accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, making it an ideal treatment for anti-aging and skin renewal.

LED Light Therapy can treat wrinkles, scars, acne/blemishes, pigmentation, sensitivity, irritation, redness and spider veins.

Add on to a facial treatment for $40

Prices are subject to change