Our natural looking spray tans from Black Magic and Sunescape last 7-12 days. Complete your tan with Instadry Finishing Powder to ensure your spray tan is touch dry and non-sticky, and will leave your skin smooth with a subtle reflection of sparkle.

For best results, exfoliate before treatment. Do not apply moisturiser, deodorant, perfume or make up on the day of tanning. Wear loose, dark clothing and do not wear enclosed footwear. Do not shower for at least 2 hours after application. (Please note – waxing should be done 48 hours prior to spray tanning). We have a rapid 2 hour developer and 6-8 hour developers.

Full Body Spray Tan  $40

Half Body Spray Tan  $30


InstaDry Powder  $5

After Your Tan:

* Shower after 6 – 12 hours (or 2 hours for the rapid developer), pat dry do not rub vigorously

* Apply moisturiser morning and evening (do not use a Tea Tree based product or Alpha Hydroxy Acids as this will accelerate exfoliation and fade your tan)

* Avoid taking long hot baths, swimming or spas as this will accelerate the exfoliation and fade your tan

* Do not exercise on the day of your tan

Prices are subject to change